Healing Today's Problems with the Tools of Tommorow.

GAME is a private gastrointestinal research company, founded by our President and CEO Dr. Charles W. Randall to bring academic research to private practice. Our goals are to streamline production of new medications and make them available to patients in record time. Our model decreases costs of novel drugs by dramatically reducing the times devoted to the clinical investigation of drugs. This philosophy is very attractive to pharmaceutical companies seeking to bring new medications to market at lower costs. GAME has had a major role in the FDA approval of 13 drugs.

Our research labs are also involved in Investigator Initiated Studies. These studies are conceived at GAME to look at unique ways of treating patients with gastrointestinal illnesses. In addition to new drug development we have demonstrated novel endoscopic surgical techniques and found new indications for existing products. Our company has sites around the USA making it convenient for patients to seek our help and manage diseases not well controlled by conventional therapy. Our physician researchers have published over 1000 articles, abstracts, text chapters, and books. We are also active in teaching students and doctors in training clinical research techniques.